Semantic intelligence turns information into insight

While technology has given us access to an unlimited amount of information, the ability to extract meaning and insight from data is more difficult than ever before. Being able to leverage all of the information organizations have access to allows them to address some of their most critical challenges: information management and collaboration, business intelligence, product development, competitive intelligence and customer interaction management.

Why Semantic Technology?

Semantics offers a deep, automatic understanding of unstructured data that can be expanded into the realm of business intelligence, opening new doors to managing data and solving the problems of large volumes of unstructured information, now referred to as Big Data.

Our award-winning, patented Cogito semantic technology relies on semantic analysis and a rich semantic network to ensure a complete understanding of a text beyond the limitations of traditional technologies that are based on keywords or statistics.

cogito scheme

Our customers use Cogito semantic technology to drive information management deployments to address the most critical business requirements, providing solutions for: