Search & Information Management

Give intelligence to big data

Effective data and information management is a critical success factor for all strategic activities, from business intelligence, to research and development, to marketing and sales. Today, this requires managing an exploding amount of documents and/or streams and repositories of unstructured information often available on sources that didn’t even exist several years ago.

This phenomena, known as Big Data, is one of the major challenges that companies will face in the coming years. Being able to locate and capture intelligence from this information requires tools that are able to structure information regardless of form, or where it lives. This is where semantic technology comes in.

Why Semantic Technology?

Semantic Technology goes beyond the limitations of traditional keyword or statistic technologies by taking into account meaning and context. Our Cogito semantic technology powers a new level of discovery and collaboration, unlocking intelligence hidden in the unstructured part of big data, from internal business applications to the deepest corners of the web. Cogito features:

  • Search by concept, and dynamic and flexible exploration of results via facets.
  • Automatic correlation.
  • Maximum scalability and integration with existing platforms (Microsoft SharePoint and all major collaboration, document and content management platforms).
  • Access via the corporate data center or in the cloud.