Intelligence & Security

Capture weak signals and minimize risks for your value chain

In today’s world, global events can trigger new challenges and changes in strategy in an instant. For government agencies and knowledge intensive industries, especially those that require balancing risks and opportunities across several stages of the development cycle, the need for early and accurate notification of global market changes, technological innovations and market and competitive evolution, are critical for good decision making.

Why Semantic Technology?

With its ability to capture knowledge and make it more meaningful with minimal human intervention, semantic technology is a powerful tool for helping organizations maintain a competitive advantage.

Cogito excels in helping organizations manage, integrate and gain intelligence from multiple streams of structured and unstructured data. It ensures security and compliance, fosters knowledge sharing and cooperation among users, and gives tangible support for business processes developed in pursuit of the strategic mission. Cogito enables rapid organization and complete insight of an organization’s information assets for the activities of corporate and government security through:


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  • Capture of weak signals and nuanced competitive and industry advancements buried
    in text documents.
  • Information-sharing across the organization for better decision making.
  • Management of large volumes of structured and unstructured information to exploit intellectual capital within the organization.
  • Semantic analysis to support analysts for open source intelligence (OSINT) and in all phases of the intelligence cycle.