Why Semantic Technology?new



Webinar Recordingnew


From the webinar "Get More Value Out of Your Information in 2014 with Semantic Technology".

Cogito Intelligence API new


Analyze documents, web pages, tweets and any large data sets with our semantic API for Government Intelligence and Corporate Security.

Cogito Semantic Tagger


Apply the power of semantics to Microsoft SharePoint to make collaboration and information sharing more efficient.

Introduction to Expert System Semantic Technology


Find out how to go beyond the limits of common keyword technology. Semantic technology has efficient and intelligent ways of improving document management.

Understanding the Meanings of Words 


Find out how to automatically understand the meaning of any text written in the language we use to communicate (natural language).

Mapping Concepts


Find out how to extract, discover and understand the connections in your strategic information sets—the thousands of files, emails, articles, reports and web pages you have access to everyday.

Sentiment Analysis


Discover the power of semantic technology when applied to the real-time search and categorization of information contained in dynamic web sites such as Twitter.