Cogito Technology

At Expert System, our products are based on the award-winning, patented Cogito semantic technology. Cogito relies on deep semantic analysis and a rich semantic network to ensure a complete understanding of a text, finding hidden relationships, trends and events, and transforming unstructured information into structured data.

At the heart of Cogito is the Sensigrafo, our rich and comprehensive semantic network, which enables the disambiguation of terms, the secret behind semantic intelligence. Sensigrafo allows Cogito to understand the meaning of words and context (Jaguar: car or animal?; apple: the fruit or the company?)―a critical differentiator between semantic technology and traditional keyword and statistics based approaches.

Sensigrafo is available in different languages and contains more than 1 million concepts, more than 4 million relationships for the English language alone, and a rich set of attributes for each concept. The Cogito semantic network includes common words, which comprise 90% of all content, and rich vertical domain dictionaries including Corporate & Homeland Security, Finance, Media & Publishing, Oil & Gas, Life Sciences & Pharma, Government and Telecommunications, providing rich contextual understanding that improves precision and recall in the process information retrieval and management.

Our customers choose Cogito to gain insight and intelligence from all of the information they manage, to interpret knowledge trapped in unstructured text, to find trends and hidden relationships between information―helping them to make better, more informed decisions faster.

eng technology infographic