Cogito Semantic Tagger

Apply the power of semantics to Microsoft SharePoint to make collaboration
and information sharing more efficient

Effective data and information management is critical for organizations who deal with large amounts of structured and unstructured information, and essential for those who rely on technology to support collaboration between work groups and teams. Semantic technology provides a deep, automatic understanding of the meaning of words in context, adding structure to unstructured information to render content more useful for organizations.

Cogito Semantic Tagger integrates semantic technology with Microsoft SharePoint to unlock new layers of functionality that helps users more effectively access, discover, share and manage enterprise content. Cogito Semantic Tagger brings advanced categorization and entity extraction to Microsoft SharePoint installations, providing the capability to implement custom taxonomies and metadata enrichment, easily and transparently.

cogito semantictagger


Cogito Semantic Tagger takes the work out of metadata assignment, accessing  information stored and shared in Microsoft SharePoint and assigning finely grained metadata, helping organizations classify the growing volumes of information they manage to enable more effective search and easier retrieval and navigation of information.

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Key Features:

  • Metadata enrichment.
  • Advanced categorization and entity extraction.
  • Custom taxonomies.
  • Seamless integration with Microsoft SharePoint.