Cogito Search Explore Engine

Search, analyze and connect information for immediate access to knowledge

From managing internal knowledge to capturing intelligence from Big Data or automatically monitoring, detecting and analyzing sentiment expressed in social media, Cogito Search Explore Engine provides an innovative way to access to information and gain business intelligence.

cogito see

Cogito SEE Portal: Leverage the power of semantic technology to find everything you need inside your intranet and on your customer-facing site, quickly and accurately.

Cogito SEE Listening Platform: Analyze Social Media information to take advantage of the Voice of the Customer as expressed online for strategic decision making and competitive advantage.

Cogito SEE eDiscovery: Combine complex information analysis with the ease of basic search through semantic tagging and automatic categorization to filter out the noise and filter in what you really need to know.


Key Features:

  • Semantic search capability for multilanguage content and integration with maps.
  • Sentiment Analysis detects and measures opinions expressed online.
  • Identifies the most relevant concepts, interprets the meaning of texts and precisely extracts information useful for strategic decision-making.
  • Single point of access to content in the enterprise, the web or social media streams.