Cogito Intelligence Platform

Access strategic information in real time for faster, more
responsive decision making

The Cogito Intelligence Platform is the Expert System suite that applies semantic technology to support analysts and knowledge workers in all phases of the intelligence cycle, enabling the discovery of information patterns and connections with an intuitive analysis dashboard featuring a variety of visualization options.

COGITO Intelligence Platform

The Cogito Intelligence Platform combines Expert System’s  superior text analytics and domain ontology capabilities with the ability to explore and manage large quantities of unstructured data from documents, multimedia, audio streams, web pages and social networks. Incorporating the best software components for speech analysis, GEO mapping, deductive algorithms and advanced visualization systems, the Cogito Intelligence Platform provides the most effective intelligence information management solution for both government agencies and corporate analysts.

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Key Features:

  • Intuitive interface and a rich set of visualization tools for unparalleled information discovery.
  • A unique point of access to structured and unstructured information including newsfeeds, social networks and other internet sources.
  • Incorporates advanced semantic processing with a customizable, multilingual semantic network.
  • Unparalleled intelligence data management solutions for OSINT and COMINT.