Cogito Discover

Extract data and metadata from unstructured text to automatically
connect the most relevant information

All of the information organizations manage daily contains valuable knowledge that contributes to greater business intelligence and better, more informed decision making. But having access to information without understanding what it contains is like not having access at all.

Cogito Discover makes it possible to retrieve and make connections between information from a variety of sources including corporate internal documentation, internet sources, information streams and social media to provide greater intelligence for competitive intelligence, corporate and national security, research and innovation.

cogito discover

Powered by semantic technology, Cogito Discover automatically extracts and normalizes the main data content of any kind of text, structured or unstructured, creating a repository of the most valuable pieces of information to be searched and processed.


Key Features:

  • Automatically generated metadata map for simpler retrieval and tagging for the most relevant concepts, events and people, companies, places, etc.
  • Unlimited extraction of customized entities to be used with advanced business intelligence platforms.
  • Normalization of standard (dates, prices) and non-numeric information (names, acronyms, etc.).
  • Virtually unlimited and completely customizable set of data extracted by the semantic network.