Cogito Categorizer

Maintaining order and extracting intelligence from structured and unstructured information

With more than 80 percent of all information residing in unstructured documents—word processing documents, emails, PDFs, web pages or blogs—organizations are driven to find more efficient and intelligent systems to manage unstructured information.

Cogito Categorizer helps maintain order of the fast growing amount of documents, news and emails organizations manage daily, classifying them according to their content and customized criteria.

cogito categorizer

Through automatic semantic analysis, Cogito Categorizer identifies the primary and secondary subjects as well as other elements relevant for classification. Cogito Categorizer classifies the text according to a detailed and customizable tree of up to 5,000 categories, and enables modification of the classification tree according to customer requirements. Cogito Categorizer’s automatic classification also applies to company information workflows and sorts documents automatically by interpreting their content.

Cogito Categorizer works with Cogito Taxonomy Studio, the end-to-end taxonomy solution, for complete document classification.


Key Features:

  • Organizes large volumes of documents, news, emails or web pages.
  • Identifies the main topics in each document.
  • Classifies topics by category according to the reference taxonomy (more than 1,000 categories).