Cogito Answers

Reap the benefits of semantic and natural language search to provide
customers with more timely and accurate responses

As companies increasingly rely on innovative ways to support customers, having accurate, easy-to-use and immediate response customer support technology is no longer optional, but essential.

Expert System’s semantic technology understands the meaning of words in context and is able to quickly and accurately search and retrieve information from an organization’s knowledge base to support customer queries. The award-winning Cogito Answers leverages semantic technology to support intuitive natural language interfaces that understand the intention of users to deliver information and answers quickly and accurately with a single click.


cogito answers

Traditional customer support technologies are limited by simple keyword search functionality that is unable to understand the intent of user queries and has limited capabilities for accessing unstructured materials (documents, reports, manuals, web content or emails). Cogito provides access to all information, whether structured or unstructured, whether buried in internal documents or spelled out ambiguously in user manuals, or wherever it resides in the organizational structure.

Cogito’s natural language interface guarantees that customers get the information they need, as quickly as possible, increasing customer satisfaction, the potential for immediate online sales conversions and reduces the costs of live customer assistance.


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Key Features:

  • Multi-channel, innovative solutions for direct access to information.
  • Increased efficiency and effectiveness reduces the costs of live customer assistance.
  • Integration with other customer management platforms.
  • Complete scalability for the richest knowledge bases and millions of questions per day.