Cogito Taxonomy Studio

End-to-End Solution for Taxonomy Creation, Deployment and Document Categorization

Cogito Taxonomy Studio is a complete solution that addresses all of the steps in the process of creating and deploying a taxonomy to make all types of enterprise content and other strategic information more accessible.


cogito taxonomystudio

Cogito Taxonomy Studio includes:

  • Taxonomy Node Creation: Automatically identify the most relevant concepts and topics in your content with easy editing and modification. The developed taxonomy can be exported for automatic categorization or for use with other knowledge management software.
  • Taxonomy Deployment:
    • Automated Rules Creation: Easily create rules and add documents to the new taxonomy nodes. Documents are then analyzed to create linguistic rules that will drive automated categorization and allow immediate taxonomy deployment.
    • Categorization Rules Optimization: Immediately deploy the initial rules set to start document categorization, or use Cogito Studio to further modify and refine the rules.
  • Document Categorization: Semantically process large volumes of unstructured information according to the deployed taxonomy and linguistic rules through Cogito Categorizer.



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Key Features:

  • End to end solution from taxonomy creation to automatic categorization.
  • Visually driven interface makes taxonomy creation easier.
  • Data driven taxonomy node development.
  • Cloud based.