Oil & Gas



Today, global events can trigger new challenges and changes in strategy in an instant. For knowledge intensive industries, the need for early and accurate notification of global market changes, as well as strong information collection strategies, are critical for good decision making.

For oil and gas organizations, having the most up-to-date information and managing socio-political changes, economic factors and technological fluctuations over the life of a project is critical to its success. At the root of all of these challenges is the need to have access to and the ability to properly understand even the weakest signals in information.

With its ability to capture knowledge and make it more meaningful with minimal human intervention, semantic technology is a powerful tool for extracting strategic insight from internal documents, identifying potential crisis areas, and understanding and communicating strategy and project development. Our solutions help organizations minimize risks and reduce costs through immediate, actionable visibility to all the information that drives decision making. Choose Cogito for:

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