Quattroruote, a top automobile publication, selected Expert System’s semantic technology to support its site “cheAuto,” an innovative online auto marketplace. Supported by Cogito, the site features a semantic search engine that helps users search across over 350,000 online ads to find the used car of their dreams. In addition, cheAuto compares the asking prices with used car quotes in Quattroruote, giving users an estimate of how much of a deal they are really getting in their purchase. Cogito uses deep semantic and natural language processing to process each question accurately and automatically, allowing users to ask questions without relying on keywords or having to follow strict rules of syntax.


  • A single database that collects and sorts sales ads from various sites.
  • Semantic search returns only the results relevant to users' requests (management of over 350,000 listings).
  • A simpler mode of interaction and improving customer relations through a natural language interface.

“Speed has become a synonym for internet and vice versa. Speed, totality of information and user-friendly access are prerequisites for every online search. The immediate comparison of obtained results from all different kinds of online sources is the new frontier in the creation of value. To achieve this, sources have to be similar, aligned, traceable … this is what Expert System’s Cogito guarantees.”

Gabriele Viganò, Chief of Advertising & New Media, Editoriale Domus, publisher of Quattroruote