Life Science & Pharma

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Faced with an ever evolving market and growing volumes of information, life science and pharmaceutical organizations are challenged to operate successfully in a data and document driven environment marked by strict regulations, long product lifecycles and changing compliance and industry standards. These organizations rely on information and technology to provide strategic insight into customers, the marketplace and products, and as well as on potential risks, technology innovations and regulatory developments.

The processing of unstructured information (documents, research reports, PDFs, website and blog content, emails and drug study data) is at the root of many industry challenges—how to quickly retrieve information required and how to search the web and internal repositories to capitalize on all the available information that fuels insight and discovery.

The use of semantic technology and text analytics helps life science and pharmaceutical organizations capture knowledge and intelligence from all the information they manage to increase the value of their intellectual capital for product development, drug safety and competitive and technology insight. Choose Cogito for: