Autostrade per l'Italia



Autostrade per l’Italia manages Italy’s highway system, which includes communicating with the thousands of drivers who use Italy’s highways each day. Using Expert System’s Cogito Answers semantic technology for customer interaction management provides Autostrade per l’Italia with a solution that supports not only information management, but intelligence.

Using automatic categorization, Cogito automatically manages customer emails, identifying the content of each message and forwarding it to operators based on both category (traffic information, tolls, road conditions or regional information) and urgency, ensuring quick identification of high priority issues among the over 20,000 emails it receives each month. Thanks to Cogito, Autostrade per l’Italia is able to effectively manage customer emails and take advantage of the Voice of the Customer to anticipate issues and better serve its customers.


  • Improved information management through automatic management of customer
    emails and requests.
  • Reduced time and costs for customer support.
  • Improved customer satisfaction.