Harnessing the Power of Semantic APIs for Information Management


In advance of this year’s Enterprise Data World conference in Austin, Texas the organizers invited us to share our thoughts and opinions on some of the trends and influences shaping today’s data management. Two trends stand out to me:

- Data Management has to include unstructured information. Organizations cannot ignore the stream of information coming from outside and from inside the organization. Effective management of these streams provides great value in many activities including Marketing/Business intelligence, Risk Management, Predictive modeling.
- APIs offer an effective way to get access to a multitude of external data (structured or unstructured) that [...]

Deep text analytics for dark data in Oil and Gas

As a recent study by Gartner (Roundup of Energy and Utilities Research, 2013) highlights oil and gas companies are increasingly focusing on analytics to move from reactive reporting to “more advanced business processes” that can solve problems before they occur. Many of these initiatives are leveraging the “dark data” that reside in multiple systems and across technology domains.

Deep semantic technology is being used by some of the world’s largest oil and gas companies to leverage this information. This “dark data” is commonly present in any knowledge base. In the oil and gas sector, it could be drilling or [...]

What Are Twitter’s Top 100 Celebrities Talking About?

For organizations, the value of monitoring social media comes from being able to see the patterns and sentiment present in these conversations that could provide value for everything from customer service to product development.

Twitter as a broadcasting tool is a place where some 255 million users are tuning in monthly* to share information, photos and commentary. But what is being shared or discussed at any given moment? What emotions are being transmitted?

To answer this, we chose a sample of celebrity Twitter users, who, with millions of followers between them, are ranked by as top users. Using [...]

The brain and semantics


While we know a lot about how the human brain operates, even centuries of study and research have not been able to fully unravel all of its functions such as how it stores and retrieves memory.

Semantic technology takes inspiration from the way the human brain processes information to understand a text.

Inspired by this infographic that maps how different areas of the brain handle different tasks, we made a simple (and unscientific) parallel representation of how semantics approaches the processing of a text:

• External stimuli: Information sources—text documents, web pages, social media and emails, etc.—that [...]

50 Years of The Rolling Stones Analyzed By Semantics

On the occasion of the anniversary of The Rolling Stones’ self-titled first album released in the United Kingdom on April 16, 1964, Expert System, the semantic technology company, used its technology to analyze 50 years worth of the band’s songs from the point of view of language. The analysis looks at 344 tracks, from the band’s first album until today, to trace the use of words and emotions present in the lyrics [...]

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