Cogito Intelligence API

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Powerful semantic software to extract intelligence from data

Cogito Intelligence API brings the power of semantic processing to your application or analysis pipeline, analyzing documents, web pages, tweets and any large data sets to enable Government, Intelligence, Law Enforcement Agencies (LEA) and Corporate Security customers to access and exploit some of their most strategic sources of information.

Using advanced semantic processing, text mining, categorization and tagging, Cogito Intelligence API supports analysis of documents, web pages, social media and any large data sets or real-time information streams to support faster, more accurate evaluation of intelligence data.

Cogito Intelligence API is not a traditional text mining API. How we’re unique:

  • The only system based on semantic technology.
  • The only API that includes rich, domain-specific knowledge for Intelligence, Law Enforcement and Security Operations.
  • Advanced features for isolating information to speed up the analysis process.
  • The only API that integrates Intelligence categorization with Geographical information.
  • Easy integration to enhance the performance of legacy technology, existing analysis platforms, or as a plug-in for the sector’s leading applications.
  • Offers 11 data channels.


Get Started with Cogito Intelligence API:

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  • Use our Freemium model to develop a proof of concept at no cost.
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