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Expert System is a leader in semantic technology and the creators of the patented Cogito semantic technology.

Cogito is based on an advanced semantic analysis engine and a complete semantic network, enabling the deep understanding of any type of text with speed and precision. Cogito exceeds the limits of conventional keyword technology and provides more effective management of the growing volume of information companies manage, turning it into accessible, usable knowledge.

The products and solutions based on Cogito offer a complete set of features including: semantic search and natural language search, text analytics, development and management of taxonomies and ontologies, automatic categorization, extraction of data and metadata, and natural language processing.

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Many companies, including ENI, Unicredit, Chevron, Vodafone, Il Sole 24 Ore and various government organizations use Expert System products to create value through:

  • The optimal use and sharing of corporate knowledge in strategic activities such as innovation management, product development and marketing.
  • The development of intelligence activities aimed at preventing risks in security environments and operations.
  • The effective management of customer relationships.
  • Complete monitoring of competitor activities.

Expert System is headquartered in Chicago, with locations in Menlo Park, California (OEM Division) and Washington, D.C. (Government Division).

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